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An Energy Transition Company

42+ Patents

Wide market solutions. Technologies and processes that are focused on energy transition to cleaner, sustainable solutions

Catalytic-based nanotechnology solutions

A robust portfolio of technologies and processes that are use highly selective, low energy, sustainable nanocatalyst to reduce the carbon intensity

World-renowned team

Management experience in scaling early-stage companies in emerging markets from conception to acquisition / IPO

What we do

We are committed to creating an ecosystem of green companies that reduce GHG emissions, restore compromised environments, and create sustainable products for the future. We are optimistic about the future of energy and take an “evolution, not revolution” approach to the clean transition.

Areas of Interest


Mineral Extraction from Waters


Untitled design.png

Decarbonization of Fossil Fuels in the Energy Sector


CO2 Capturing 


Synthetic Biocrude From Waste

How we do it

We achieve this by supporting our group of companies to reach their clean energy targets

Our companies

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Our partners

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